The mind is a voice, the voice is blind

Production Year: 2020 Format 3D Photogrammétrie Photography Photogrammetry

Recomposing a personal story

For this series, Simon Lehner uses his personal archives to recreate the protagonists and places of traumatic events of his childhood.

250 photographs were used to recreate his room in photogrammetry. This room where, as a child, he hid for long summers in an attempt to escape domestic violence. These reconstructions are designed as “echo chambers”, which the artist associates with the cognitive process of traumatic memories. Constantly revisited worlds of images, which can become the site of alternative stories.

His portrait of a child at age 10 served as a model to create a 3D avatar which is then animated and staged in compositions of still images or video loops. Two versions of himself come together in the same self-portrait.

Finally, her insistent childish gaze, between light and dark, seems to forever seek vanishing points, across space and time.

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