The Jellyfish

Production Year: 2021 Country: Swiss Denmark Duration: 15 min Format Virtual Reality Experience Première: World


The Jellyfish is a new collaborative work by Mélodie Mousset (HanaHana) and Edo Fouilloux that invites audiences to dive into the deep water of their consciousness in a mesmerizing, interactive virtual reality soundscape.

In a dream-like state underwater, visitors in a VR headset encounter ghostly marine creatures, glowing jellyfishes, beckoning for participants to sing through them.

The jellyfishes are controlled and animated with the pitch, vibration and intensity of the participant’s voice, creating a surreal choir of the self.


The Jellyfish, Mélodie Mousset, 2021, Teaser

Principal artists

The Jellyfish, Mélodie Mousset, 2021