Of Hybrids and Strings

Production Year: 2021 Country: Australia Spain France Duration: 9 min Format Virtual Reality Première: Europe


We enter a forest bathed in moonlight. Surrounded by flowers and strange creatures, we encounter a spectral shape, which reproduces our every movement. Soon, threads weave around us, connecting all things to others and to ourselves. We are slowed down, entangled in the environment. Then a crystal wave covers all living things, the whole forest is transformed. We attune into it, until we melt into it.

Of Hybrids and Strings is a trans-species experience in which we slow down, and become entangled with the human and non-human. By confronting apocalyptic visions haunting science-fictions of the 1960s, with Donna Haraway’s contemporary thinking, the experience calls for “staying with the trouble”, deepening our sense of belonging in our infinitely complex and unpredictable present. Of Hybrids and Strings is a virtual space to practice a new way of being- in-the-world, and to acquire new powers of action..


Of Hybrids and Strings, Lauren Moffatt

Principal artists

Flowers details, Of Hybrids and Strings, Lauren Moffatt