Nostalghia, La Forêt

Production Year: 2021 Country: France Format pigment print on paper mounted on dibond

Photogrammetry and memory

To create his evanescent landscapes, Pierre Zandrowicz begins by strolling endlessly in the space to be captured. Using a very high definition 360 ° camera, he takes hundreds of images that constitute a complete topography of the place. The images are then processed by the photogrammetry software which reconstructs the scene in three dimensions. Once the point cloud is spatialized, the artist operates by subtraction, removing points from the model, carving de virtual sculpture.

Finally, he works on the final composition, giving infinite latitude to his viewpoints. Here, a front and aerial view. He then chooses one of the multiple angles possible in the 3D model.

By working with photographic spaces, Zandrowicz continues the long tradition of the arts of memory, which since antiquity have associated the robustness of a memory with its location in space. By constructing “memory palaces” made up of wanderings and spaces leaving a large room for the imagination, the artist points to the possibility of a living theater of memory, in movement.

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