Production Year: 2021 Format Installation

Incarner le vivant invisible

With Chronos, Ittah Yoda shows the landscape of a symbiosis between living and virtual.

The glass sculptures are made from three-dimensional reconstructions of multidimensional images of zooplankton. Indoors, Dunaliella salina microalgae grow from green to pink, then brown. It is these algae, nourishing zooplankton that color the salt marshes and flamingos of the Camargue pink. Lithographs and virtual reality spaces composed from 3D models multiply the points of view and forms of sensitive experiences.

By collaborating with living things and highlighting the relationships that unite landscape and inhabitants, Ittah Yoda summon up a fragile universe of interdependencies between species, embodied images and natural pigments.

Installation carried out in partnership with the Institut de la Mer de Villefranche and supported by the CNAP