Workshop – Junglefever

Place: La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris Date: du Sat. 10 Jul 2021, à 14:00
au Sat. 10 Jul 2021, à 15:30
Type of event: Atelier Jeune Public Term Réservations Workshop leader: Pauline Dufour

Jungle Fever is a work of art created in virtual reality by artist Pauline Dufour. She made a series of drawings called Jungle on the island of Boipeba, Bahia region in Brazil. With the Tiltbrush creation tool, which makes it possible to draw in virtual reality in a 3D space, it offers a completely new, immersive artistic experience, plunging the visitor into the heart of its composition. The creative process is at the crossroads of drawing, dance and innovation.

Children will be able to experiment and draw around this work which questions the digital image and the virtual reality experience.

Who is Pauline Dufour?

Pauline Dufour is a visual artist and scenographer. Since 2017, she has been developing graphic environments using Tilt Brush, an application that allows you to draw and paint in 3D, inside the composition itself. After creating her work in VR, the artist activates it during dance performances: she then chooses image captures within this virtual immersive landscape.