Workshop – Futur Faces

Place: La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris Date: du Sat. 17 Jul 2021, à 14:00
au Fri. 30 Jul 2021, à 17:30
Type of event: Atelier Jeune Public Term Réservations Workshop leader: Charles Ayats

On Snapchat alone, over 180 million face filters are tried every day. These “distorting lenses” have become a phenomenon within a few years, they herald the beginnings of a new way of perceiving the world, an “augmented” reality for better or for worse. In contrast to the narcissistic embellishment that some of these filters offer, this involves drawing a hybrid of one’s face with flora and fauna, and considering the principles of interdependence between ecosystems. Understanding this tool from the point of view of creation allows us to better understand its functioning and uses, and to initiate a first critical look through practice.

Author and designer, Charles Ayats designs interactive and participatory experiences often enriched with game mechanics to facilitate the transmission of knowledge, such as Type: Rider, a playful triptych on the history of typography, co-produced in 2013. Passionate about virtual realities, he continues his creative work between story and game (Sens VR, 7 Lives, Le Cri, MOA). He works as much as possible on mediation projects, meaningful, innovative and committed.