Pierre Zandrowicz

Profession: Director Nationality: Française


A pioneer in the world of immersive audiovisual creation (virtual, augmented or mixed reality), Pierre Zandrowicz follows on from his successes in his capacity as a director and through the specialised production companies that he has co-founded.

After studying sociology, Pierre Zandrowicz began experimenting with making films. His first production studio has incorporated the Premiere Heure audiovisual group and represents its digital production label. Pierre Zandrowicz spent ten years creating clips, advertisements and short films for many brands.

The turning point of VR (virtual reality) came with the launch of Okio-studio in 2014 and Atlas V in 2017, production companies specialising in immersive realities. Since then, Pierre Zandrowicz has dedicated himself to exploring new forms of visual storytelling and has already contributed significantly to the renown of French VR around the world.

Pierre Zandrowicz

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