Eduardo Fouilloux

Profession: Sound designer Artist Nationality: Danish


Eduardo Fouilloux is a visual creator and multidisciplinary artist in the fields of graphic design, sound, computer science and interaction.

He co-founded Decochon in 2015, a studio specialized in mixed reality (XR) technologies. Decochon’s first project, MuX, is a pioneer in the fields of interaction and RV music.

In 2020 he founded with Mélodie Mousset and Christian Heinrichs the Patch.XR studio, an engine for the creation of musical instruments in virtual reality. Patch.XR allows to compose, play and share this visual, gestural and expressive music in real time, in both physical and virtual space. These instruments then become worlds that offer new collaborative techniques and ways to interact.

The PatchXR team is already collaborating with about thirty musicians. Eduardo Fouilloux has thus had the opportunity to conduct workshops at Ircam, the Zhdk in Zurich and the University of Aalborg.

Eduardo Fouilloux

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