Les Ailleurs


06.04 - 11.07.2021

at La Gaîté Lyrique

Tuesday - Friday : 2pm - 8pm

Saturday - Sunday : 12pm - 7pm

Virtual reality, augmented reality, spatialized soundscapes, interactive screens… What do these immersive technologies have to say about our times ?

In the company of artists, authors and thinkers interested, Fisheye is partnering with Gaîté Lyrique to announce a new rendez-vous dedicated to immersive experiences. Expand your perceptions, immerse into soundscapes, and become one with new stories, between April 6 and July 11, 2021. Visitors to Les Ailleurs will discover a selection of immersive and multi-sensorial experiences, in a newly designed space at La Gaîté Lyrique. The event’s program, put together by Fabbula curators, consists of an exhibition of immersive installations, workshops, talks and performances suitable for all public, exploring immersion in every shape and form.

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A New Rendez-Vous

Les Ailleurs, dedicated to the confluence between virtual reality and the general public, is the continuation of VR Arles Festival, an event founded five years ago by Fisheye, Les Rencontres de la Photographie d’Arles and BNP Paribas. “Our main goal for this next edition is to create the best environment for authors and the public to interact with each other”, explains Benoit Baume, founder of Fisheye and VR Arles Festival. “If visitors forget the technology, if they explore our immersive experiences and come out with an -even slightly- transformed perception of the world, we’ll have succeeded” adds Victoire Thevenin, artistic director for the festival.

The festival’s common thread ? Questioning and renewing our perceptions of reality : “Immersion and its narrative power really help going beyond current frontiers of reality” says Benoit Rousseau, artistic director of La Gaîté Lyrique. “They offer the possibility to dive into other iterations of reality, to live within different imaginaries and reclaim stories of a world in transition”, Anna Tardivel, artistic programming of La Gaîté Lyrique.


On one hand an interactive exhibition, Les Ailleurs also hosts performances available live on Twitch and Youtube; a conference cycle on current events in the immersive art world entitled “Les Rencontres du Virtuel”; physical and virtual concerts; masterclasses and performances.

In order to make the technologies used to create such artworks accessible to younger visitors, Les Ailleurs will invite Capitaine Futur, the 5-12 youth workshops hosted at La Gaite Lyrique, and will offer recurring DIY workshops echoing the festival’s program, for each age group : augmented reality games, interactive games, sound immersion, VR narration... An immersive artist in residence will lead the workshops at La Gaîté Lyrique for five months.

The complete program will be revealed during the March 11, 2021 press conference at La Gaîté Lyrique, at 9am CET.

Ten digital artworks in competition

Les Ailleurs is both an exhibition and a competition. The ten immersive experiences programmed in the festival make use of various multi sensorial and immersive technologies : virtual, augmented or mixed reality, spatialized sound design, interactive screens… They will compete for the festival’s Grand Prix (5000€), awarded by a multi disciplinary jury during the opening week.

Co-organized by Fisheye and La Gaîté Lyrique,

with special support from BNP Paribas


A magazine that deciphers the world through contemporary photography, photo galleries dedicated to emerging talents, a content producer, and an incubator for startups working with digital technologies and images : Fisheye transfigures photographic languages and their culture. Since 2016, Fisheye has produced artworks and events that explore virtual and sensitive subject matters by collaborating with some of the greatest contemporary pioneers of virtual technologies.

La Gaîté Lyrique

Cultural Institution of Ville de Paris, La Gaîté Lyrique is a media center for post internet culture. These artistic practices, born and transformed by the internet, are exhibited but also imagined, made, experimented with and shared at Gaite Lyrique. A space to discover and understand the virtualized times we live in, it is also a space for celebration, creativity, and sharing.

Les Rencontres d’Arles

Historical partner and cofounder of VR Arles Festival, Les Rencontres d’Arles are a true springboard for virtual art-making and will present with Fisheye an innovation-driven immersive exhibition space in 2021 in Arles. This event will highlight the links between digital technologies and photography.

The fourth edition of the writing residency for virtual reality, supported by Institut Français and the Région Sud will take place during Les Rencontres d’Arles in August 2021. Artists invited to develop their projects will continue to explore XR (Extended Reality, acronym for immersive technologies) creation and preempt new territories and genres.